Band der Woche: Furor Gallico

Band der Woche KW 03/2020: 

Herkunft: Monza (Italien)
Genre: Folk Metal

Die Band über sich:

The band was formed in 2007, when Becky Rossi, Melissa Milani and Stefano Centineo crossed their paths. Their will to play music and common passions flow into the foundation of today’s Furor Gallico.
In 2009, after playing small clubs of the area of Milan, the”Gauls” decided to record their first demo, “390 b.C. – The Glorious Dawn” with the following line-up: Davide Cicalese (vocals), Stefano Centineo & Luca Rossi (guitars), Maurizio Cardullo (bass guitar, tin & low whistles and bouzouki), Laura Brancorsini (violin), Becky, (Celtic harp) and Marco Boyer (drums).
Another year passed, full of live shows outside the area of Milan and Lombardy too. Mac (bass guitar) and Simone (drums) joined the band, which then started to record the first self-titled full length, featuring 13 tracks, of which some are acoustic.
The songs showed a clear extreme attitude, adding a Celtic atmosphere to a death/black metal sound, thanks to extreme guitar riffs by Luca and Stefano and to Davide’s eclectic vocals.
The band started to play some important festivals, in Italy and abroad, such as the Swiss Fiesta Pagana, where they shared the stage with some major acts like Stratovarius, Exploited, Crucified Barbara, Carburators and many more.
In the summer 2010 the first album, self-produced and self-distributed, was finally out, and sold 500 copies in 2 months only, starting off an intensive tour again in Italy and abroad.
In the same year, after being asked by Eluvetie to open their show at the Fri-Son in Fribourgh (Switzerland), the band met Oliver Macchi, manager of the Swiss act, with whom they started a professional collaboration, ended in the agreement with the German Massacre Records.
In 2011 the debut album was reissued and distributed all over the world, getting extremely positive reviews and being sold in thousands of copies not only in Europe, but also in the US, in Japan, in Australia, just to mention a few countries.
Again, the band started another intensive tour, playing numerous Italian folk metal festivals, sharing the stage with Moonsorrow and Arkona at the Fosch Fest, and headlining the Montelago Celtic Fest in front of 6,000 people.
For other 3 years the band kept on playing live shows, while concentrating on the second full length, after a change in the line-up , having now Fabio Gatto at the bass guitar and Paolo Cattaneo as multi-instrumentalist. The recording sessions took place at the Metropolis Studio in Milan and the Wardencliff Studio in the near town of Bovisio Masciago. The album was mixed at the Alpha Omega Studio in Blevio (near Como) by Alex Azzali (Ancients), featuring Federico Paulovich (Destrage – drums), Luca Verioli (Diabula Rasa – bagpipe on “Nemain’s Breath and “La Notte dei Cento Fuochi”), Simon Papa (MaterDea – female vocals on “To the End”) and Furor Gallico’s friend Sergio Colleoni (member of the Fosch Fest staff) who helped directing the choirs on “La Notte dei Cento Fuochi” and “Song of the Earth”.
After the recording session the band changed again, featuring now: Davide Cicalese, Luca Rossi, Becky Rossi, Fabio Gatto, Paolo Cattaneo, Mattia Pavanello (guitar), Riccardo Brumat (violin) and Mirko Fustinoni (drums). In 2013 they signed an agreement with Bagana Rock Agency, with whom they organized the “Tour di Mezzo”, playing all over Italy with the sound engineer Michele Boccalone (Lacuna Coil, Marta sui Tubi).
Once finished the album finished, Fabio left the band, replaced by Marco Ballabio, who has now the opportunity to take part to the tour to support “Songs from the Earth”, the kick-off gig being at the Cernunnos Festival in Paris, the first time in France for them.

Kommentar der Redakion:

Furor Gallico waren 2019 eine absolute Überraschung für uns! Die schüchternen Jungs spielten noch nicht all zu oft in Deutschland und waren daher leicht zurückhaltend, aber musikalisch unvergleichbar gut! Wir freuen uns aufs nächste Mal! 




28.13.2020 Wien


Band der Woche, unter diesem Titel stellen wir euch jede Woche Dienstag Abend, 20 Uhr eine Band vor. Dies sind jeweils Bands, die von Mitgliedern unserer Redaktion empfohlen werden, vor allem junge Nachwuchsbands, die unserer Meinung nach mehr Aufmerksamkeit verdient haben.

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